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Registering your interest for the Pears #iwill Volunteer Project                   (aged 16-21)

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For this project we are looking to recruit young volunteers aged 16-21 who have no previous experience of volunteering and/or a workplace environment and may need support to feel confident before moving on to a more mainstream volunteering role

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Register your interest to become a Volunteer
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Please print this reference request and give it to the person you are asking to be your referee. You will need this completed form to give to us at your interview


>> Download Reference Request form (PDF)

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To be part of this project you will need your parent or carers to give their consent for you to take part. Please print the form below, get your parent/carer to sign it and bring it to your interview along with your reference


> Download the UHL Parental Consent form (Word document)

Volunteer Services will process your form within 3 weeks. We will then contact you to inform you of the outcome of your application. If you have been selected you will be asked to CONTACT US TO BOOK ON TO ONE OF OUR MONTHLY RECRUITMENT SESSIONS. Thank you