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Work Experience Option 3 - Work Placement


What do UHL offer?

A 5 day work experience programme delivered four times a year.  The Induction day is a stand-alone introduction to work experience and will normally be delivered a week or two before the work experience week.  The placement week consists of 4 days in the clinical environment (Tuesday-Friday).  Candidates are asked to complete an on-line evaluation following their placement week.

You must attend the Induction day before attending your clinical placement.  Failure to attend Induction will result in you being withdrawn from the programme.  This is to ensure both your safety and the safety of our patients. 

The two aims of the work experience are for you firstly to gain an insight into how NHS Organisations function and secondly to give you the opportunity to meet and observe nurses or midwives within the workplace caring for patients and families, allowing an insight into the profession.


Who is it intended for?

The week is  aimed at those who are:

  • 16 years and over and who have an interest in embarking on a career in Nursing or Midwifery (Risk assessment to be undertaken if under 18)

  • Studying towards a Health related Qualification (Health & Social Care, Access Course, A Levels)

  • Living or attending college in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

How do I apply?

Complete all relevant forms below and submit to the Work Experience Co-ordinator prior to the application deadline.


What do I need to do?

  • Gain permission from your college to attend if in term time - if applicable.

  • Have permission from your parents (if under 18) to attend.

  • For those not currently attending an educational establishment a reference may need to be provided.

All aspects of the visit are subject to the regulations regarding confidentiality and the professional standards relating to dignity and privacy, which should be maintained at all times.

Dates of placements for 2020


Dates of Placement and Induction Day

Induction Day must be attended

Application Deadline

Due to Covid19 Nursing and Midwifery placements are currently under review and dates will be withheld for the time being.


How to apply

You must submit an application form and a monitoring form.
These must be submitted by the deadline to:

Work Experience Co-ordinator
Administrator Office
Human Resources Learning and Organisational Development
Knighton Street Offices
Leicester Royal Infirmary

Failure to submit both forms (application and monitoring) may result in us being unable to consider you for a placement.

You will be contacted  within two weeks of the deadline date to inform you of the outcome of your application.

Please note: Some placements may be out of Leicester eg Loughborough Hospital.  Students will need to make their own travel arrangements should they be offered these placements.

Whilst we strive to place individuals in their preferred areas of interest this is not always possible due to the volume of applications and individuals may be allocated an alternative area.  Regardless of your placement area you will be able to consider and develop skills and knowledge transferable across the health care sector.

Application Forms