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University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust: Health Equality Partnership

Leicester’s Hospitals is excited to announce the launch of a new Health Equality Partnership. The partnership will bring a diverse range of communities, groups and organisations together to shape how we address health inequalities and work more closely with people who use our services.

Health inequalities are avoidable differences in health between different groups in society. There is currently a 12-year life expectancy gap between the most and least deprived wards in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, with factors like ethnicity, gender and disability also playing a significant role.

Membership of the Health Equality Partnership is open to any group or organisation that connects with communities that are known to experience health inequalities. We are calling for more community leaders to join this new forum.


Health Equality Partnership Mission Statement

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) is committed to tackling the health inequalities experienced by its local population. This can only be achieved in partnership and dialogue with the diverse range of patients and communities that use our services.

The Health Equality Partnership exists to drive change, strengthen community links, enhance our cultural competence, and inform the actions we take to achieve equality and equity. Its membership comprises individuals and representatives of groups that are known to experience additional barriers and health inequalities.

The group has three core functions:

1. Intelligence and Insight

Members / partners identify themes and issues relating to health and hospital services which exist in the groups and communities they are connected to. The group reviews this intelligence and explores approaches and solutions. Relevant UHL staff are brought into the discussion to agree remedial actions.

2. Outreach and Connection

Members of the group act as a conduit between UHL and communities and patient groups. They identify opportunities to build relationships with the communities they are connected to and support the facilitation of this engagement.

3. Perspective and Advice

The group acts as a critical friend and valued partner in policy and practice design. Initiatives and service developments are brought to the group to gain their perspectives and ensure that action on discrimination and health inequality is embedded into any plans.

In its performance of the above, the group ensures that UHL is accountable to local groups and communities that are known to experience discrimination and poorer health outcomes. Its overarching goal is to guide and influence our trajectory to fairer, safer, and more inclusive hospital services.

For more information, or to enquire about joining our Partnership, please contact our Patient & Community Engagement Team by emailing patientengagement@uhl-tr.nhs.uk