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Patient Partners - Martin Caple

Martin Caple has been a Patient Partner with Leicester’s Hospitals for several years and is the Chairman of the group.

Martin has seen the role evolve significantly during that time.

Here, he explains what being a Patient Partner is all about.

“I find the role both interesting and worthwhile and feel we really make a difference”.

Patient Partners are members of the public who provide a patient’s perspective on the work of Leicester’s Hospitals. 

They get involved in a wide range of issues, from changes to our services and advising on new developments to reviewing patient literature and sitting on Boards and Committees.

Patient Partners comment and advise managers, doctors and nurses on key issues affecting patients. 

Our Patient Partners all come from different backgrounds, so we can all give an independent viewpoint and utilise our work and life experiences in our contact with staff and patients.

All Patient Partners speak to patients about their experiences. I have been involved, along with another Patient Partner, in facilitating Patient Focus Events. This is where former patients and their partners meet with medical and nursing staff to provide feedback on their experiences.

This has proved to be very successful with lessons being learned for the future.

During the last year our profile has risen within the organisation and we are regularly asked to be involved and give opinions, not only on day-to-day issues, but also new projects, such as the expansion of the Emergency Department, and involvement in planning priorities for the future.

What do they do?

What's good about being a Partner?


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