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‘Keeping in touch’ text Messages from Accurx

At University Hospitals of Leicester, we are using Accurx, our communications software provider.

Keep in touch with NHS text messages
Keep in touch with NHS text messages

We are using Accurx text messaging software to contact patients about a range of topics relating to their care. This includes appointments, waiting list, and to ask for feedback on a recent visit.

By using text messages, we can contact you more regularly with information about your care.

It is a national requirement for us to contact you in this way about a range of aspects of your care. We are unable to remove anyone from this form of communication without prior discussion of the impact this may have on future treatment.

Below are some FAQs about this service

What will an Accurx text message look like?

Accurx -Text message example
Accurx -Text message example

Who who are Accurx?

Accurx, are a communications software provider, certified to NHS and government standards which means we can be assured that they will not misuse or sell your personal details. For more information on how Accurx keeps your data safe, visit www.accurx.com/security

How will I know if a text message is genuine?

We understand that you may be concerned about scam messages, so one way to check that a text for us is real is to look for '.accurx' in any links. If you are still unsure, you can refer to your origional patient letter.

How often will I receive the message?

How often you receive a message will depend on your treatment. If you are on a waiting list you may receive this message every 12 weeks.

What happens when I receive a message?

Messages may be reminders for your information, or you may be asked to follow a link where you can tell us about a recent visit. If you receive a message about a waiting list, you will be directed to website questionnaire from a hyperlink in the text message. We will ask you to respond with ‘Yes’ if you want to remain on the waiting list, or ‘No’ if you no longer require your appointment. Depending on the service you require, you may be offered additional options. You will require internet access on your phone to do this.

Why does Accurx need my date of birth?

This is to confirm that the response we receive is from the intended recipient of the message and so that we can correctly identify your patient record.

What if I don’t have a smartphone, or don’t have internet on my phone?

If you can't use your phone to respond to our message, you can still respond on a computer, iPad or tablet. To do this, type your unique link from the text into the URL search bar of your internet browser. Your unique link will start with florey.accurx.

What happens if I don’t respond?

If we don’t receive a response from you, you will remain on the waiting list