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Additional ways to stay in touch with patients

Connecting Families Covid-19 infograph image

Even though you can’t visit your loved ones in person during their stay in hospital, we have a range of other ways for you to stay connected and continue to provide them with much-needed support. 

WhatsApp and iMessage  


Understandably, there has been an increase in calls to our wards but patients are able to use personal devices to stay in touch with family and friends. Mobile reception is good across our sites.  Free Wifi is also available to everyone in our hospitals enabling the use of chat apps like iMessage and WhatsApp.

Facetime and Skype

Ward dependent

We know it’s not always possible to get a loved one to use their device, so we have a number of iPads across our wards that enable patients to video call a nominated relative with the help of our ward staff.

To make use of this service you will need to enable Facetime on your apple device or sign up to a free Skype account, and then call the ward for further information. 

Calling the ward

Ward dependent

If you do need to telephone the ward for an update, please nominate a single family member to make the call. This will prevent long wait times for other patients and their families wishing to make calls. 

Patient Advice and Liaison Service – Call 0808 178 8337

Monday to Friday (10am – 2pm)

In the event that you cannot call a ward directly and are looking to talk to someone about any concerns related to treatment of a loved one, you can call our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Our PALS team can help to arrange for you to get a call back from someone to discuss any medical or treatment concerns you have in relation to your loved ones care.

To access this service, we’ll need to be able to identify you as next of kin and you will need to be able to provide a patient password as well as three identifiers for the patient. 


Monday to Friday (times vary)

Send a short message and picture from a selection on our website and we will print the message out and deliver it to your loved one.

Go to:


Patient property drop-off

Monday to Friday (9am – 12pm)

At all three of our hospitals, relatives or friends of patients have the opportunity to make a single drop-off, of items for loved ones. Items could include clothing for home travel, toiletries, letters, cards or photographs. 

Items should be provided in a sealed, disposable bag, no larger than a supermarket carrier bag. The bag should be labelled with the patient’s name, date of birth and ward. The drop-off points at our hospitals are the main reception desks at Leicester General or Glenfield Hospital, or Windsor Reception for Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Belongings must be brought in by a single person who does not have any COVID-19 like symptoms. 

Please do not include night clothes, food/drink, alcohol, illicit medications/drugs or valuable items. 

Unfortunately we will not be able to tell you the bag has been received and cannot accept liability for this service. Unlabelled bags and property that do not reach the patient will be taken to lost property.


  'Message home' service for patients 

Inpatients can now send a postcard to loved ones at home by filling out a postcard, or by asking ward staff for a postcard and completing it by hand. 

If you have questions please email volunteer.services@uhl-tr.nhs.uk or go to: