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Visiting restriction guidance

In line with Government advice, we have restricted visiting to help protect staff, patients and visitors.  We will not be allowing visitors at our hospitals until further notice.

Anyone attending our hospitals for any reason should do so on their own, if practically possible. If a clinician feels it is safe to do so, exceptions will be made as follows:

o   Parents for patients under 18 years old

o   Carer for adult patients requiring assistance

o   One relative collecting a patient being discharged

o   Up to two immediate family members for patients at end of life*

o   One birthing partner 

In line with government guidance (June 2020) all visitors must wear a cloth face covering when attending our hospitals and observe our on-site safety guidance including hand washing and social distancing.

Please DO NOT visit our hospitals if you have coronavirus symptoms or if you have had sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours.  

For additional guidance specific to departments within our hospital please see below:

 Guidance for Adult Emergency Department (ED) and Clinical Decisions Unit    

o    Patients should attend alone wherever possible

o   If a carer is required, please be advised that it may not be possible to stay with the patient at all times. If you are asked to leave by a clinician, we will take any details related to ongoing medical/care needs.

Click here to read more on our page 'Visiting ED - Information for Carers'    

Guidance for Children’s ED and children’s wards

o   Only one parent/main carer may stay with the patient for the duration of their admission   

o   No siblings or children under 16 years may attend with the patient  

Additional guidance for patients at end of life

We understand that you will want to be by the side of your loved one if they are at the end of their life; and where it’s possible and safe to do so, clinicians can make exceptions as follows:

o   A maximum of two immediate family members, without change-over, during one visiting period

o   If permission for visiting cannot be given, family members will be given the option of maintaining contact with their loved one via video calls using ward iPads

o   Members of extended family are also respectfully requested to use video call rather than attend the hospital. Please ask a member of staff for more details.

 We continue to keep all of our restrictions under regular review. Any update to our current visiting restrictions will be reflected on this page.