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Visiting the Adult Emergency Department

UHL Emergency Department Ambulances
UHL Emergency Department Ambulances

Emergency Departments are for Saving Lives 

If your situation isn't life threatening, please call 111 for assistance or click here to go to 111 online

Do you have an emergency or an urgent need?

If your condition isn't life-threatening (in the case of heart attacks, strokes, major bleeding/trauma or other severe acute symptoms) the best place for your needs is unlikely to be our ED. 

A range of minor illnesses can be treated closer to home through your GP, pharmacist or urgent care centre. To be directed to the best place for your needs, please call 111 first. Or go online to https://111.nhs.uk/ in most instances this will provide you with a faster response than a wait in our emergency department.

Please note, if you arrive at our ED, with a non-emergency condition, we may re-direct you to another health location for your care. 

Read more about the NHS 111 First process here.

Information for next of kin and carers

Having a loved one admitted to the Emergency Department can be a worrying and stressful time. Whilst we are asking patients to coming in alone, we know that this isn’t always possible for those who need help whilst they are in hospital.

If you are unsure whether you are able to accompany a loved one to the Emergency Department, then please see our guidance for carers at https://www.leicestershospitals.nhs.uk/patients/covid-19-information-hub/visiting-the-emergency-department/visiting-ed-information-for-carers/

Contacting the Emergency Department 

Having a loved one admitted to the Emergency Department can be a worrying and stressful time. If you have a loved one who has been admitted alone, either by ambulance or as a walk-in, we know that as their next of kin, you want to be kept informed.

Where possible, please make contact with your loved one to discuss their current situation. 

If this isn’t possible then please call 0300 303 1573 and ask to be put through to the Emergency Department. 

The team are working hard to care for patients but it isn’t always possible for them to answer the phone straight away. If you aren’t able to get a response from the Emergency Department, then please try and call after a short while.