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Visiting the Emergency Department

Patients who need medical care and treatment can still safely access essential services, including emergency care. 

However, we ask that anyone attending our hospitals for any reason should do so on their own, if practically possible, following the guidance below:


o   Patients should attend without friends, relatives and children

o   If a carer is required, please be advised that it may not be possible to stay with the patient at all times. If you are asked to leave by a clinician, we will take any details related to ongoing medical/care needs.

Click here to read more on our page 'Visiting ED - Information for Carers' 


o   Only one parent/main carer may stay with the patient    

o   No siblings or children under 16 years

Blue and red ED treatment areas

When you arrive at our Emergency Department (ED) you will first visit a portacabin located at both Adult’s and Children’s ED receptions.  Here, you will be assessed and directed to either the Blue or Red department, depending on your symptoms.

o   The Blue Department is for patients without symptoms of COVID-19

o   The Red Department is for patients with symptoms of COVID-19  

Although the two areas are not very far from each other, there may be a little more walking for some. If you need help getting between the two departments, please speak to one of our team and they will be happy to assist you.

If you are arriving by ambulance the ambulance crew will take you directly to the right treatment area. 

 We continue to keep all of our restrictions under regular review. Any update to our current visiting restrictions will be reflected on this page. 

For hospital visiting restrictions please visit the following link:

Updates to Visiting Restrictions