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Visiting our Emergency Department - information for carers

Patients who need medical care and treatment can still safely access essential services, including emergency care. 

Whilst we are asking patients to attend on their own, we understand that some patients require assistance from a carer, and are fully committed to supporting this. These guidelines help to explain what you can expect if you take a loved one or patient to the Emergency Department (ED) for treatment.

On arrival to the ED

Walk-in patients

When walk-in patients arrive at our Emergency Department (ED) they will  be assessed and directed to either the Blue or Red department, depending on their symptoms:

o   The Blue Department is for patients without symptoms of COVID-19

o   The Red Department is for patients with symptoms of COVID-19  

Carers may be asked to wait outside during the assessment.  This will be for their own protection and/or to ensure we can maintain safe social distancing inside the room.

Patients arriving by ambulance

Ambulance crew will take the patient directly to the right treatment area. They will advise you as to whether or not you can accompany them to the hospital for their admission. 

If you’re loved one is very sick with COVID-19, you may not be allowed to accompany to do so. Please ensure that you are prepared to release their care to the ED team, with as many details as possible about their medical and care needs.   

When receiving treatment

Receiving treatment in the Blue department

Patients receiving treatment in the Blue department, without symptoms of COVID-19, can be accompanied by a parent or carer. 

We ask that carers respect hand hygiene and social distancing rules during their time in the Blue department.

Receiving treatment in the Red department

In the event the patient is transferred to Red ED with Covid-19 symptoms, carers will not be permitted to stay.

Please be prepared to release the care of your loved one to the ED team, with as many details as possible about their medical and care needs.

Support for patients with additional needs in the Red department

Please be assured that staff will provide patients with additional needs as much support as necessary and will do all they can to accommodate requests concerning their care. 

Ongoing contact will be maintained between patients and carers through phone calls to the ward or via video-calling using ward iPads.  Please ask a member of staff for more details