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Alternative parking for Leicester Royal Infirmary

Thanks to a new partnership with NCP, Leicester’s Hospitals is now able to offer an additional parking option – all at the same cost as parking on site.

From Sunday 1 December, patients, visitors and prime carers will be able to park in the NCP Welford Road car park (above Bannatyne’s Health Club) in a bid to go some way in reducing the lengthy queues to the on site car parks at the Royal.

How do you obtain an NCP ticket at hospital rates?

To obtain the same rates as at the hospital car parks, you will need to:

  1. Park in the NCP Welford Road car park and collect your ticket from the machine as per usual

  2. Whilst at the hospital, take your ticket to the hospital Car Park Office, Ground 0, Windsor building to get it validated. The team will ask for proof that you are a patient or visitor*

  3. Return to NCP car park with validated ticket and the machine will  automatically apply the reduced rates

* The team will ask for letter, appointment card or patient number of the person you are visiting

>> Click here to see the car park rates at Leicester Royal Infirmary

Is there a time limit to validate my ticket?

The Car Park Office is open between 8am and 4pm. You can validate your ticket at any point whilst the office is open during your hospital visit.

There is no time limit in which to validate your ticket. However, it must be completed before you return to pay at NCP Welford Road in order for the correct tariff to be applied.

Are saver tickets available at NCP Welford Road?

The current hospital saver tickets will also be valid for the NCP Welford Road car park (excluding the pay £25 get £50 offer).

The instructions for obtaining a ticket are ther same as above. When arriving at the hospital Car Park Office, please inform the member of staff as to which saver ticket you require, see below:

Daily                £5.50

Weekly            £15.00

Monthly            £50.00

To obtain the Daily rate, your ticket will be validated as above and you will need to pay on your return to the NCP car park. 

If you wish to purchase a Weekly or Monthly ticket you will need to pay at the hospital Car Park Office, they will then provide you with the appropriate saver card for use in the NCP car park, you will use this ticket every day for the period which you have chosen.

Please note - only one saver ticket can be issued per patient i.e. for either the on site Havelock Street car park or NCP Welford Road car park. Your ticket will be valid in the car park you have chosen only and does not cover both car parks.

>> Click here to find out more about charges and saver tickets

What are the options for Blue Badge holders?

Disabled Blue Badge holders will be able to obtain the above hospital rates and saver offers, but will not be able to park for free at the NCP Welford Road car park.

What are the options for patients on benefits?

Is this the same as our on site parking. Patients receiving qualifying benefits can have their parking charges reimbursed (this applies to external public car parks as well as the hospital car parks).

 >> Click here for further information about the NCP Welford Road car park