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Nominate our staff for an award

There are many ways that you can say thank you and recognise the efforts of our staff. Here are a few suggestions below:
Image of Caring at it's best awards logo
Caring at it's best awards logo

UHL Caring at Its Best Awards 

Our public nominated Trust award is for an individual or team who consistently demonstrate high quality clinical care, achieving the highest standards of Caring at its Best.

This individual or team can demonstrate any of the following criteria:

  • they take the time to care for others
  • they are good communicators, caring with compassion and empathy, treating others with dignity and respect
  • they respect patients' time, giving others choice and independence
  • they involve patients in their treatment decisions and choices
  • they are sensitive to the needs of other

Don't forget, you can also nominate administrative and non-clinical staff for an award if you feel they have provided 'caring at its best' to you or your relative.


Other Awards:

DAISY Award for Nurses and Midwives

Just want to say thanks?

You can submit your thanks using our online form