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Our Teams

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Specialist Palliative Care Team

Our Specialist Palliative Care Team   consists of a hospital-based team based at the Royal Infirmary, General and Glenfield Hospitals. The team provide a service to adults with palliative care needs within our hospitals and also in the outpatient clinic setting.

The Specialist Palliative Care Team  is made up of palliative care consultants, registrars and clinical nurse specialists, all with experience in working with patients with life-limiting illness.

The team provides an advisory and advocacy service to patients and staff including:

  • Evidence-based, individualised symptom control
  • Complex psychosocial care
  • Liaison with other specialist palliative care services for people with advanced disease and those close to them
  • End of life and palliative care education programmes and support
  • Monitoring practice and supporting the organisation to provide best evidence based care
  • Developing and innovating person centred care, and
  • End of life care


The team does not take over the overall management of patients who are referred, but works alongside the medical and surgical teams  caring for that patient and offering specialist advice and assessment.

The Specialist Palliative Care Team is available 9-5pm Monday to Friday to support teams with providing palliative and end of life care across the trust where the needs of patients or families are particularly complex.  Referrals to the Specialist Palliative Care Team can be made by the doctors or nurses looking after the patient on any ward at UHL.

The team can provide face to face reviews of patients and can also advise over the telephone.

  • Glenfield Hospital: 0300 303 1573 and ask for extension 3540 (secretary extension 2817)
  • General Hospital: 0300 303 1573 and ask for extension 4680    
  • Royal Infirmary : 0300 303 1573 and ask for extension 5414 (secretary extension 7512)


There is a limited service for urgent referrals between 9-5pm at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

We are committed to delivering a high-quality service that promotes quality of life, informed patient choice and treats patients and their carers with respect and dignity at all times.

Community Specialist Palliative Care Team 

Palliative care nurse specialists work with GP teams in the community in order to provide palliative care services to patients across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. These nurses are sometimes called Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists  or LOROS community nurses.  You may be referred to one of these nurses when you leave hospital.  They can help support you and your family when you go home in meeting any complex palliative care needs.


Hospices specialise in controlling pain and other symptoms using a team of professionals with expertise in life-limiting illness.  For information about hospices both in the local area and further afield please click on the link above.

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Further information

If you would like more information, including details of how to be referred to a nurse specialist, please contact the Cancer Information Centre.   Alternatively, click on the heading above for details of other organisations that may be able to help you. 

Further information in languages other than English
To find out if there is any other information about cancer, cancer treatments and living with cancer available in your preferred language, please click on the heading above, or contact the Cancer Information Centre.