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Accessibility and disability

We are committed to making our hospitals accessible to all and are constantly working to improve our services and facilities wherever possible.  If you have any suggestions to further improve our service please call 0116 258 4695
Monday to Friday 08:30am to 16:30pm for further information.

Disablement Services Centre

We provide a range of services and disability equipment to the residents of Leicestershire and Rutland, including wheelchairs and special seating and artificial limbs.  

Hearing loop
At Glenfield Hospital our porter team has a mobile hearing loop (also known as an induction loop), to help communication between porters and patients who use a hearing aid. The system is a portable version of the hearing loop system often found in banks and public reception points.

Available at: Glenfield Hospital

Induction loop and infrared systems - a guide for deaf and hard of hearing people from the RNID

Minicom is the common British name for a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) or textphone. A minicom is an electronic device for text communication via a telephone line, used when one or more of the parties has hearing or speech difficulties. 

A minicom is a phone with a mini typewriter that users can use to key in messages that are sent to the staff.  The typical minicom is a device about the size of a small laptop computer with a QWERTY keyboard and small screen. In addition, minicoms commonly have a small spool of paper on which text is also printed — old versions of the device had only a printer and no screen. The text is transmitted live, via a telephone line, to a compatible device that uses a similar communication protocol.

Please ask a member of staff if you need to use a minicom in the hospital.

Available at: Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General and Leicester Royal infirmary

Video conference
We have installed video conferencing links so that staff and deaf patients can carry out conversations through a British Sign Language interpreter. The interpreters are based at the Centre for Deaf People, a Leicester charity that provides a range of services for people with a hearing loss. They also support families and carers.  

The staff member and patient both sit in front of a small video screen. The interpreter can hear the member of staff via the telephone link and interprets what he or she says into British Sign Language, which can be viewed on the screen by the patient.  The patient's sign language is shown on the interpreter's screen, and interpreted into speech for the staff member to hear.

Available at: the cardiac unit at Glenfield Hospital and the Emergency Department at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Walking frames
Glenfield Hospital Walking Frames have gone GREEN!  
A vast number of hospital walking frames go missing every year at a considerable cost. We need to be able to provide patients with suitable walking frames as required throughout their hospital stay. To tackle this issue, hospital frames, at Glenfield Hospital, are now a highly visible green colour.

Green frames are for hospital use only and are not to be taken home by patients. If a patient requires a frame for home use please contact the Physiotherapy Team and they will provide a frame through the Red Cross.

If you have a hospital walking frame at home please return it to the Physiotherapy Department at Glenfield Hospital (on the ground floor, opposite ward 20).

If you are unable to locate a wheelchair, then please ask at reception and we will endeavour to locate one for you.  

Available at: Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General and Leicester Royal Infirmary 

Links to useful websites:

Caring for Someone - Directgov information for on support for carers of disabled children and adults  

Disability Health - a wide range of useful health related information from Directgov