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WiFi Spark - Internet access for patients and visitors

Patients and visitors to Leicester's Hospitals can now use their own laptops, iPads, mobile devices etc. to surf the internet and send and receive emails from designated WiFi SPARK hot spots, which include all ward areas and the main hospital restaurants. The service is provided by WiFi SPARK Ltd. Look out for posters telling you that you are in a WiFi SPARK hot spot.  Please note that connection outside of these areas is not available e.g. corridors or in the hospital grounds."

How to access WiFi SPARK

The service is easy to use, open your web browser and select ‘WiFi SPARK Hot Spot @ UHL’:

• Open your web browser;
• Connect to ‘WiFi SPARK Hot Spot @ UHL’;                                                                                                                     • Choose a sign in option from the welcome page (Tariff charges will apply);

• Browse the internet, send and receive emails;
• 24 hour support provide by WiFi SPARK  Ltd 0344 848 9555 (calls charged at local call rate).

Tariff options:

• Tariff 1: £3 for 4 hours;
• Tariff 2: £5 for 1 day;
• Tariff 3: £10 for 1 week;
• Tariff 4: £15 for 1 month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is open access?
A. Anyone with a wireless enabled device could potentially connect to the WiFi SPARK portal, but to access the internet they will have to provide their debit/credit card details.

Q. How will I know if I can use the internet from my bed?
A. Posters/flyers will be distributed to ward areas for displaying in public areas.

Q. What is content filtering?
A. Website security provided by WiFi SPARK used for allowing and blocking websites.

Q. Can patients and visitors use their own mobile service provider internet access on iPhones etc?
A. Yes they can.