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Patient Catering

Estates and Facilities know how important food is to the patients across Leicester's Hospitals, both to aid recovery and to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. Because of this we are constantly reviewing the meals offered to patients to ensure the food provided is both nutritious and tasty.

In March, 2018, a refreshed Steamplicity menu was launched at across all three hospital sites.  

The hospital also offers specialist menus for patients with specific medical requirements.  Please speak to a Catering Assistant, Ward Hostess or a member of the nursing team if you have any questions.

We are aware that families may wish to bring in comfort food for their relatives.  Before you bring food in, kindly read these guidelines, which do not apply to cakes (unless they are cream filled), sweets, biscuits, chocolate or fresh fruit.

Patient Lunch and Dinner Menus - 2018

Adult Standard Menu

Adult Renal Menu

Adult Renal Multicultural Menu

Snacks (Snacks)

Renal Snacks

Children's Menu (Glenfield Ward 30)


Textured meals can also be provided

Category C - Thick Puree Menu

Category D - Pre mashed Menu

Category E - Fork mashable Menu

Textured Menu Snacks


Menus in the following languages are also available

Steamplicity Autumn 2018 - Polish

Steamplicity Autumn 2018 - Hindi

Steamplicity Autumn 2018 - Punjabi

Steamplicity Autumn 2018 - Gujarati

Steamplicity Autumn 2018 - Slovak 

Steamplicity Autumn 2018 - Somali

24 Hour Snack Box Service

Snack boxes are available 24 hours a day for patients who have missed their main meal times. Options are available for the meat, vegetarian, renal, gluten free and childrens diets.

These can be obtained by speaking to a catering assistant, ward hostess or member of the nursing team.