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Leicester General hospital

The General Hospital has the following on-site facilities for patients, visitors and staff. Please refer to the site map of the internal layout of the General hospital site buildings if you are looking for the locations of entrances and facilities.


LEat Restaurant (Open Monday to Friday 7.30am until 2:30pm)

The LEat Restaurant is near to the main reception. It has a large eating area inside and a seating area outside for use in nice weather.

The servery has a salad bar, sandwich bar, hot main choices including vegetarian options and a snack counter.


Soho Coffee (Open every day 7am until 7pm)

Soho Coffee is located within the main restaurant area. As well as beverages it offers a range of fresh sandwiches, cakes and snacks.


24 hour Vending Machines

There are several places throughout the hospital that 24 hour vending machines can be found: just inside the maternity entrance, outside wards 26 and 27, and along the glass corridor.


RVS Shop

The RVS can be found along the main corridor of the hospital not far from the main entrance and sells cards, gifts, refreshments, confectionary and some basic grocery items.


RVS tea bar

The RVS tea bar is situated in the outpatients department and serves refreshments and snacks.


RVS Cafe

The RVS cafe is located just inside the doors of the maternity entrance.


Cash Machine

There is a Royal Bank of Scotland cash machine at the main reception area