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Help us to prevent infections

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The risk of getting an infection in hospital is very low.

When you stay in hospital you can do your bit to help cut the spread of infections by following a few simple rules:

  • Bring toiletries including soap and a clean flannel with you, or have a family member or visitor bring them in, when you are admitted

  • Bring your own razor for shaving

  • Keep your hands and body clean when you are in hospital

  • Wash your hands with soap and water and alcohol gel before you eat a meal

  • Make sure you always wash your hands after using the toilet

  • If you use a commode ask for a bowl of water to wash your hands afterwards. 

  • If you visit the bathroom or toilet and it does not look clean, report this immediately to the nurse in charge of the ward. Request it is cleaned before you use it, and use an alternative (if available) in the meantime

  • Try to keep the top of your locker and bedside table free from clutter. Too many things left on top make it difficult for the cleaning staff to clean properly.

  • Your bed-area should be cleaned regularly. If you or your visitors see something that has been missed during cleaning, report it to the nurse in charge and ask for it to be cleaned

  • Always wear something on your feet when walking around in hospital. A comfortable pair of slippers is fine, but make sure they have some grip on the bottom, as hospital floors can be a little slippery sometimes.