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Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

We are a confidential advice, support and information service and we welcome feedback about our services as we recognise the value that comments, concerns and compliments can provide, to enhance the patient experience.

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University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) PALS is committed to assisting you in providing a responsive and supportive service to our patients to resolve patient/loved ones’ questions, concerns or worries as they arise, increasing patient satisfaction and experience with our services and reducing the number of formal trust complaints, with particular focus on:

  • Supporting patients in addressing concerns as and when they arise with support from clinical staff within the PALS team.
  • De-escalation of issues including dissatisfaction with cancelled outpatient appointments, delayed tests, lost property, communication issues etc.

What can we do?

We can talk to the UHL Complaints Team on your behalf: 

PALS at University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) is an informal, friendly, and easy-to-access service, championed by two matrons to offer you advice and information and help if you are having difficulties with our services.

  • We can support you in addressing ward concerns and de-escalating issues like outpatient appointment cancellations, delayed tests, and communication glitches.
  • We can signpost you to other organisations, where necessary.
  • We can advise you and inform you how to make a formal complaint about our services.

Here as your PALS, we will:

  • Listen: We are your PALS to listen to any comments, questions, or complaints you may have regarding our services at UHL.
  • Respond: PALS is a less formal route to offer you advice and help if you are having difficulties with UHL services.
  • Liaise: PALS can advise and inform you about our services, and by liaising with and signposting you to other organizations.
  • Resolve: PALS can help you get things right! 

When to use PALS?

If you have a concern about yourself or a relative or friend in our care, we recommend that you raise your concerns first with the people who are providing the care for you or your relative. They will usually be best placed to help you and to put things right as soon as possible when they go wrong. If you want help with doing this, PALS can help you.  

If you remain dissatisfied after you have raised your concerns, PALS staff can advise you on the next steps.

If you have a question about your care or the University Hospitals of Leicester and do not know who to ask, PALS may also be able to help you.

Contact us

Freephone: 0808 178 8337
Email: pals@uhl-tr.nhs.uk


Organisations other than UHL

It may be that you are experiencing difficulties or have concerns with other NHS organisations or other services involved in your care.  Although University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) PALS is unable to assist these organisations, below are some contact details for local organisations which may be helpful.

  • GPs and dentists: NHS England Tel: 0300 3112233
  • Mental health services: Click here for more detailed information
  • Social care: please contact the local authority responsible for social care in your area.
  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust PALS- lpt.pals@nhs.net and 0116 295 0830 or Complaints team - lpt.complaints@nhs.net and 0116 295 0831 

Useful information and links

NHS England: PALS

POhWER can support you in making a complaint and offer a free and confidential service that is independent of the NHS. POhWER in your area: Leicestershire, Leicester City Telephone: 0300 200 0084

Ask us a question

You can use the form below if you have a question to ask us, as there are lots of different types of help and support available for patients and their families. 

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