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Staff Concerns Line Campaign

Staff concerns reporting line
Staff concerns reporting line

We are fully committed to dealing openly, promptly and efficiently with any genuine safety concerns raised by staff. 

We already actively encourage staff to raise genuine concerns they might have about patient safety or quality of care through our own internal 3636 Staff Concerns Line campaign.  

We understand how important it is that staff feel safe and supported to raise concerns in an honest and transparent environment, and that they feel protected when they have come forward.

We want all of our staff to know it is safe for them to speak up when they feel something is wrong.  To this end we operate a staff concerns reporting line whereby any member of staff can call 3636 from any Trust phone or submit an online form via our intranet to report safety issues or concerns.  These are picked up by the Director on Call for that day and investigated to remedy issues and improve safety.

We encourage staff to raise their concerns with their line manager, or another member of our management team. However we do have an anonymous route available to those staff who aren’t feeling confident about raising their concerns. We promise that where staff identify a genuine patient safety concern, we will support them, fully investigate and, if appropriate, act on their concern. We will also give them feedback on how we have responded to the issue they have raised.

We know our staff are often best placed to identify where care may be falling below the standard our patients deserve.  They can ensure concerns are addressed so that we continue to deliver high quality and safe care to our patients as part of our pledge to deliver caring at its best.

Moira Durbridge, Director of Safety and Risk