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Guidance when having an operation


Fasting is essential prior to surgery under general anaesthetic, as it prevents vomiting and other complications. The length of fasting time varies for different procedures. You will be notified of this either prior to your appointment in some patient information you might have been sent, or by the nursing staff if you are already on the ward.

Prior to the operation

You should have a bath or thorough wash before your operation as this reduces the risk of infection.
You will be provided with a gown. This should be worn with nothing underneath.  If you need help just ask a member of the nursing staff.
Jewellery, glasses and dentures should all be removed prior to going to theatre. Any valuables can be locked away until your return.

Time to go to theatre

A porter from the theatre will come to the ward to collect you on your bed or in some cases in a wheelchair. One of the ward nurses will accompany you to the theatre. The next thing you will remember is waking up.
After your operation you will wake up in the recovery room, and one of the theatre nurses will be with you. Once you have recovered from your anaesthetic, you will be taken back to the ward.