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Get Moving 2 Get Home

Get Moving 2 Get Home
Get Moving 2 Get Home

We are encouraging our patients to get dressed and mobile as soon as they are able to promote their dignity and to help them recover quicker. 

We would love to see more patients in their own clothes as it helps them feel more positive and has a beneficial effect on well-being. Getting patients moving, if they are able to, often reduces the length of time they need to spend in hospital, aids recovery and reduces de-conditioning through muscle wasting. 

We are asking relatives, carers and friends to help our patients by: 

  • Bringing in daywear, underwear, socks and comfortable shoes. 
  • Providing glasses, hearing aids or any other items that our patients would usually have at home.
  • Bringing toiletries to assist in washing, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • You are also welcome to assist your friend/relative with eating, dressing and walking (where appropriate). Staff are happy to support you in the correct way to do this. 

Together we can help encourage our patients to 'Get Moving 2 Get Home'

Download your Get Moving 2 Get Home Postcard