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When you arrive

Please remember to bring your admission letter with you. It will tell you where to go when you arrive, and any instructions you need to help you with your stay.

When you arrive at hospital to be admitted, go straight to your ward. Once you arrive on the ward you will be welcomed by a member of the nursing team who will take your details and show you around.

All wards have an individual routine, and this will be explained to you. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about your stay. If you need anything, please speak to a member of staff on your ward.

Valuables and property

While we aim to provide you with the highest standards of care, we do not provide a general property management service. We recommend that you only bring in items that will be necessary to you during your stay and leave valuable items at home. Find more information for what to bring with you here.

Liability for loss or damage to personal belongings is not accepted unless they have been handed over for safekeeping and a receipt issued when you arrive. These will not be kept on the ward, so may not be immediately accessible.

Please clearly label any items you bring into hospital with your first and last name.

Lost items like toiletries, slippers and clothing are kept on the ward for up to one month. If you think you have left an item behind, please contact the ward.