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Booking, cancelling or changing your appointment

Booking appointments

If your GP has not used the NHS E-Referral Service system (previously known as Choose and Book) to make your appointment , we will have received a referral letter from them. If this is the case we either make contact with you by phone or you will  receive a letter from us asking you to phone our booking centre to make your appointment. Please do so at your earliest convenience. You can contact our booking centre through this website. See the page on the left for the Booking centre.

Cancel or changing your appointment

If you can't come to a clinic (outpatient) appointment at our hospitals for any reason you can do one of the following:

  • phone the number on your appointment letter. Please have your appointment letter or card to hand as you will be asked for your hospital number or
  • you can contact our booking centre
Booking centre

Failure to attend

To ensure we provide the best possible service, many of our outpatient clinics have a "failure to attend" policy.
Information about failing to attend

If your appointment has been postponed 

You will have received a letter from the relevant department informing you of the postponement. If the symptoms associated with your appointment worsen please contact the telephone number on the letter, or via our switchboard, to request further advice from a clinician.

If your appointment has been changed to a telephone or video appointment 

If your appointment goes ahead by phone or as a video call your relevant department will have sent you a letter with details on how to take part in your remote appointment.