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Patient experience

We are committed to continually developing and improving care for patient’s families and carers. Ensuring all who have access to services have an experience that surpasses their expectations and where Caring at its Best is our focus. 

The more we talk and listen to you the more assured we can be that we are getting the service right for you and your families.

Feedback is anonymous - when giving feedback about your experience of care in Leicester's Hospitals please do not include details that could identify you, your friends or family.

Information about you - some surveys will ask you to give information such as sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and long term conditions. This information helps us ensure that feedback is collected from all groups within the population, and that all opinions are taken into consideration.

On an annual basis we review all of this information and share it across the organisation. Our latest summary of this data can be found by clicking here

Patient Experience Logo and staff from Ward 10
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Tell us about your experience

Are you a patient carer or relative? ...if so your feedback is important to us and will help us provide a quality service that meets the needs of everyone using the services of Leicester’s Hospitals, please complete the following:

  Adult Inpatient/Day Case - Survey for Patients

Adult Inpatient/Day Case/ED - Survey for Family, Carers & Friends

Children’s Inpatient survey (ages 8 and over)
Children's Inpatient survey (aged up to 7 years)
Children's Emergency Department Survey

Emergency Department survey

Outpatient Department survey

Maternity Services survey

Neonatal Unit survey

Alternatively you can give feedback through your local Healthwatch

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings help when deciding upon care; share details about your experience.

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