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Triangulation of patient feedback

Triangulation of Patient Feedback cover image

To continually improve services and care the Trust actively encourages patients’ their families’ and carers to give feedback on their experiences of care in the Trust.  Feedback is given through a large number of routes, some examples are:

1.     Friends and Family Test

2.     Surveys for all discharged patients

3.     Complaints

4.     NHS Choices / Patient Opinion on-line surveys

5.     Message to a Matron Cards 

The vast majority of this feedback is very positive and allows clinical staff to continue to focus upon these areas of excellent care.

In some cases the Trust does not ‘get it right’ for patients or patients and the public give suggestions of how to improve services further. 

The Trust wishes to improve care and services and therefore bring together all of the complaints and suggestions for improvement across all the many different ways feedback is collected.  This bringing together of all the different suggestions for improvement is called – triangulation!

Every 3 months all the triangulated feedback is collected broken down for the specific specialty services.  These services are grouped into groups and called Clinical Management Group (CMG). The Trust has 8 CMG:

  • ITAPS - Critical Care, Theatres, Anaesthetics, Pain and Sleep
  • CHUGGS – Cancer Haematology, Urology, Gastroenterology and General surgery.
  • CSI – Clinical support and Imaging
  • Alliance
  • ESM – Emergency and Specialist Medicine
  • MSS – Musculoskeletal and specialist surgery
  • RRC – Renal, Respiratory and Cardiac
  • WC – Women’s and Childrens


The triangulation paper is attached below and forms a basis for the CMG and Trusts improvement plans: