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Your choices

Our hospitals

Click on the coloured text links below for information about Leicester's hospitals:

Glenfield Hospital

Leicester Children's Hospital

Leicester General Hospital

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Why choose us?

University Hospitals of Leicester is made up of the three NHS teaching hospitals in Leicester: Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

We treat more than one million people each year and nine out of ten of our patients think that the care they receive from us is excellent, very good or good.

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NHS e-Referral Service (previously known as Choose and Book)

When you and your doctor (GP) agree that you need to see a hospital specialist, your GP can use the NHS e-Referral Service system to refer you.  This allows them to select the services and hospitals best placed to deal with your condition, and enables you to choose which hospital you wish to attend, and to book an appointment that is most convenient to you.  There is more information about the NHS e-Referral Service at our hospitals on the page here

NHS Choices: What is NHS e-Referral Service?

Caring at its Best

We know that coming into hospital can be a difficult time for you as a patient. You may be feeling unwell and there’s also the anxiety of the unknown and what you should expect during your stay with us. That’s why with the help of our patients we have developed Caring at its Best. A set of standards which underpin everything we do and help us to ensure you receive the care we pride ourselves on.

Leaflet link:

Read our Caring at its Best leaflet

Wide range of clinical services

We offer a wide range of clinical services, many of which you can find out about in our

A to Z of medical services

Pioneering patient care

We work to improve patient care through our research programmes and we are at the forefront of many research programmes and new surgical procedures. For example, our surgeons pioneered keyhole surgery for kidney patients and microwave treatment for treating liver cancer. Our cardiologists have successfully performed a stem cell transplant for a patient with a heart condition and the country's first ever keyhole aortic heart valve replacement operation.

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Centres of excellence

We have nationally and internationally recognised centres of excellence in cardiac, renal and cancer care. The Care Quality Commission has recognised our cardiac unit at Glenfield Hospital as one of three top specialist centres in Britain for successful heart bypass operations and in the top five for performing the most heart operations. 

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Managed equipment services (MES)

Leicester’s hospitals have a MES contract in place with Asteral, which means that patients benefit from:


Modern state-of-the-art equipment                   Reduced equipment downtime

Shorter waiting times                                          Swifter examinations

More accurate diagnoses                                  Quicker results

Less invasive treatment                                     Improved safety

Improved hospital environment                        Improved staff morale


Website Link:

Asteral - to find out more about Asteral, please visit their website