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Inhaler Device Technique Cards - Seven Steps to Success...

Inhaler Device Cards - Full booklet laid out
Inhaled delivery of drugs is essential for the management of many respiratory conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. Correct use of the inhalation devices is essential to ensure the beneficial effects of therapy, while minimising potential adverse effects. Inhaler technique assessment and training needs to be delivered at the initiation of therapy with a new inhaler device, but also needs to be repeated throughout the period that the patient received inhaled drug therapy.  A recent review suggested that up to 25% of patients have not received any verbal instruction for the use of their prescribed inhaler. Inhaler technique is repeatedly recognized to be poor in a significant number of patients.

Inhaler Device Cards - open booklet detailing card

Inhaler technique training needs to be undertaken by a healthcare professional proficient in providing inhaler technique demonstration to the patient. There is evidence that the training is not always delivered by appropriately trained staff. It should not be simply assumed that all healthcare professionals have perfect inhaler technique.


The 7-Steps to Success Inhaler Reminder Cards are an easy-to-use and highly portable reference source to help remind healthcare professionals on how to use each different type of inhaler device. They are designed to support the correct instruction of inhaler device technique during patient consultations.  To simplify the process each inhaler device has 7 steps to achieving optimal technique ..... 7 steps to Success.

>> Dr Anna Murphy (Consultant Pharmacist) describes the idea behind the cards in the short video below:


Inhaler Cards video in WMV format (12.5mb)

Unfortunately, the cards are no longer available to purchase, if you require more information regarding the 7 steps to Success products please contact anna.murphy@uhl-tr.nhs.uk