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Saving Mother's Lives: Maternal Deaths

Local GP Dr Leslie Borrill chats with Dr Angie Doshani, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology regarding the Saving Mother's Lives Report and maternal deaths. The podcast discusses a few scenarios and events from the Saving Mother’s Lives Report that highlights 45 cases thought to be related to substandard care in primary care. GPs are encouraged to read the cases to reflect on their own practice and for teaching purposes.

The Saving Mother’s Lives Report is available for download http://www.hqip.org.uk/assets/NCAPOP-Library/CMACE-Reports/6.-March-2011-Saving-Mothers-Lives-reviewing-maternal-deaths-to-make-motherhood-safer-2006-2008.pdf

Notes to accompany the podcast as well as a reflection form and Continuing Professional Development certificate are available to download below.

The video lasts 16 minutes

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