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Previous editions of the GP Newsletter

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Here you will find back issues of our GP Newsletters

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  • GP Newsletter for December 2012 [pdf / 1.56MB] December 2012 edition of latest news for GPs. National dermatology clinical trial recruitment for Bullous Pemphigoid; Young cancer patients move to a new state-of-the-art unit; UHL's Strategic Direction; New adult continence community service; High D-Dimer results; Updated UHL address on letters and pathology reports; 'FAIR' for dementia care; GP temperature check survey; GP hotline highlight report; The Doctors' Dining Club; Consultant update; Podcast – pain management; Forthcoming educational events
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  • GP Newsletter for November 2012 [pdf / 1.13MB] November 2012 edition of latest news for GPs. Changes to the children's phlebotomy service; The 5 Critical Safety Actions programme; GP temperature check survey; Update on ICE rollout; Bed Bureau pilot for general surgery patients; GP Hotline October highlight report; GP Hotline on line information; Details of the <48 and >48 hour admission avoidance / ambulatory clinics; The Doctors' Dining Club; Consultant staff update; Rheumatology podcast; GP education
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  • GP Newsletter for September 2012 [pdf / 3.42MB] September 2012 edition of latest news for GPs. Ankylosing Spondylitis clinic; On-line Cardiac Rehab programme released; '7-steps to Success' guide to respiratory inhalers; Dual Haemoglobin reporting; GP hotline; GP hotline online; Test patients on ICE; Admission avoidance; Podcast – Paediatric Cardiology; GP education