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Stroke service patient information

This page has links to national stroke guidelines and patient information sources.

General information:

Do you know what a TIA is? - patient friendly information from Healthtalkonline.org

NHS Choices stroke information - includes an animation that explains how a stroke happens, the different types of stroke, and how lifestyle changes may help to reduce the risks

Understanding NICE Guidance (Clinical Guideline 68)
Patient information leaflet from the National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE)
Allied to NICE Clinical Guideline 68 - Early assessment and treatment of people who have had a stroke or TIA

National Guidelines for doctors

National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) - Guidance on intial management of stroke and TIA

Stroke Survivors

The Stroke Association can signpost people who have had a stroke (or their carers) to available support services. Information is available online at www.stroke.org.uk

Other resources

We will be happy to consider inclusion of other resources that are helpful. Please email us any helpful links
for consideration.