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Press Release


Families urged to top up immunity with Covid and flu jabs this half term

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated care Board (LLR ICB) is advising families to take advantage of the half term break to make sure the whole family is up to date with their covid and flu vaccinations.

The autumn Covid booster is now available to everyone aged 50+, as well as anyone aged 5+ who is at high risk due to a health condition or weakened immune system, or if they live with someone who has a weakened immune system.

Dr Caroline Trevithick, Chief Nursing Officer and Deputy Chief Executive of the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board, said: “Covid rates are increasing and we also expect flu to be circulating at high levels this winter.

“The protection offered by each dose of the Covid vaccine reduces over time and therefore it is very important that eligible people take up the offer of the next booster dose, in order to receive maximum protection."

“Your child may be eligible for the autumn Covid booster if they have a health condition that puts them at high risk; this includes heart, respiratory, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, if they have a weakened immune system, or live with someone with a weakened immune system. The half term break is a good opportunity to check if your child should be having the booster and arranging for them to have it done. If you’re also eligible, you can have it done together.”

Adults with specific health conditions are also encouraged to get the autumn covid booster as well as the flu jab.

Across Leiceseter, Leicestershire and Rutland 521,162 people are eligible for the autumn Covid booster, with 168,235 doses having been given so far.

Caroline Trevithick added: “I know that people often don’t like to think of themselves as vulnerable, but it’s really important to get vaccinated if you have any health condition that means you could become very ill if you catch flu or Covid.”

You can have an autumn Covid booster if you are:

• aged 50 or over

• pregnant

• aged 5 and over and at high risk due to a health condition

• aged 5 and over and at high risk because of a weakened immune system

• aged 5 and over and live with someone who has a weakened immune system

• aged 16 and over and a carer, either paid or unpaid

• living or working in a care home for older people

• a frontline health and social care worker

The flu vaccine is available to:

• pre-school and primary school children

• secondary school children in years 7, 8 and 9

• people aged 50 years and over

• people in clinical risk groups

People who are eligible for a flu vaccine may be able to have this at the same time as their autumn Covid booster.

You can book a book flu vaccination through your GP practice or by visiting a participating community pharmacy.

For a full list of pharmacies offering a free NHS flu vaccination, please visit the nhs.uk website.

Pharmacies are also taking appointment bookings for flu vaccination online. Information on how to get the Covid vaccine is available at: https://leicesterleicestershireandrutland.icb.nhs.uk/your-health/vaccinations/


Note to editors

The LLR ICB is the NHS organisation responsible for planning, arranging and ensuring the

availability and quality of health services to local people. The ICB replaced the CCGs and taken on many of the functions that were formerly the responsibility of local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The LLR Integrated Care System is a new partnership between the organisations that meet health and care needs across an area – for example, hospitals, GPs, local councils, charities and community organisations.

It aims to remove the divisions between different parts of the health and care services which have, in the past, meant that too many people experienced disjointed care. More joined-up working will provide a more seamless service, remove the distinction between mental health and physical health, and make it easier to access the services people need.

For further information contact: llricb-llr.pressoffice@nhs.net